Creativa Design is studio working in the field of the interior design and was found in 2010. We started this project with lots of love and enthusiasm about the work we do and the believe that we can offer something more than the services interior design but indeed a great emotion and excellent end results. We believe that the good design is not just beautiful but remembered, functional and practical. The high quality of the services and the accomplishment is our mail goal. 
Our studio has extensive experience in the design and construction of both residential interiors as well as offices and public spaces. Successfully combines and handles variety of styles in the interior design, with the ultimate goal to create beautiful, comfortable and functional environment filled with style and ease.

We offer interior design projects on an individual task for complete interior layouts of:


  • private houses and apartments
  • offices
  • hotels, restaurants and bars
  • shops and boutiques
  • exhibition stands
  • arranging and decorating commercial spaces and windows.
    For us it is very important to feel your ideas, wishes and emotions to be able to co-create and offer you an unique and individual design! The services offered by us are divided into several groups, corresponding to the design and realization: 
    Conceptual design
  • contains options for zoning of the premises, functional and compositional distribution of the elements of the interior, colors, furniture, textiles, lighting and all other details relating to the common vision of the site. The final version is illustrated with the development of 3D visualization and contains the following drawings:
  • Zoning and walkways
  • Arrangments and cross sections
    Detailed design
  • includes all necessary drawings and details for the final realization of interior design:
  • floor coverings scheme
  • scheme for positioning of luminaires
  • electrical and plumbing schemes
  • furniture design
  • choice of sanitary ware, flooring, wallpaper, plaster, textiles and decoration
  • consultation on appliances and equipment
    We provide consistent with the corresponding budget bids from subcontractors and other suppliers.
    Author's supervision during the implementation of the approved interior design. Performing and consulting the contractors and regularly check the work and the quality of implementation to ensure that the project that we have developed for you will be implemented flawlessly!


When do I need to ask for an interior designer services?

-When you have a renovation project for your old and uncomfortable home or when you've just bought a new one and all you face is the bare walls and cement floors; when your office is boring and uninvaiting and you want to creatve comfort for your employees and stylish image of your company; when you decide to start your new business - a bar, restaurant of a shop and you want to turn it into a magnet for your new customers; when you are looking for beauty, style and harmony, when you value your time, nerves and money. Whenever they tell you that your idea will be expensive and will be difficult to be developed, try again - with us!

Isn't it expensive to hire and work with an interior designer?

-No, not at all, hiring professionals in the very begining of the process is an investment which will pay itself back at the finish! As in any other area working with professionals will save your time and money and will protect you from the risk of making mistakes, which will cost you huge amount of nerves and additional unforeseen costs. Having the finished and approved interior design project in your hands you already have clear vision and plan, which you only have to follow and we will consult and guide you for each step and phase, as well as we will offer you offers for furniture and equipment with the best conditions and balancing value for money.

Do you work in certain styles?

-In our rich expertise and experience we have met and worked in a variety of styles. We love modern architecture and gladly work in clean modern minimalist styles, but at the same time we adore the old aristocratic houses with their own spirit and tradition, where every detail brings its history and it shows the love and craftsmanship.

How much will it cost and when will you star work on my project?

-Send us a request over the site //message box// or via our e-mail on // and our team will kindly visit you at your home or office for giving you the best preposition. After this we will calculate and send you our offer for the services you need. The work on your project starts immediately after you give us the source materials and the payment in advance mentioned in the offer.

Can we work from distance via internet?

-Yes, of course, all we need is willingness! We have experience and built a comfortable system for working with customers from distance. So you get the best results in comfortable time for you, saving money and time of travel and meetings. Send us an request for more information.